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CuePrompter- A Teleprompter For Everyone

January 20th, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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From my personal “Why Hasn’t Anyone Thought of This Before” file, Download Squad alerts us to the existence of CuePrompter, a free, web-based teleprompter application.

It seems to me this would be hugely useful for teleconferences or any presentations or public speaking engagements you might encounter. Instead of shuffling through papers, you can set up a laptop… maybe out of sight. You set the speed of the scroll, set the text size, and bammo! You’ve got your own personal teleprompter.

Mashable says the service is somewhat limited:

it works only on Windows OS-based systems, operates best in Internet Explorer, and appears to have a problem with representing apostrophes (see screenshot)

So my question is: is there really nothing out there like this? Nothing in PowerPoint that allows you to scroll personal text across a screen? Maybe I’m just PowerPoint naive, but the only thing I was able to find along these lines was something called Prompt 7.0.

Anyway, I’d use CuePrompter. It’s quick and dirty and down right simple.

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