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Cover Letters – Turning Yours Into An Interview

February 4th, 2011 · Leave A Comment

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cover-letterDon’t just send a potential employer your standard CV or resume. Why?

Because the chances are it won’t get read, especially if it’s a speculative resume or CV. Why?

Because employers get annoyed when it looks like you’ve made no effort in your application to them.

Rather employers want to know that it’s their job you want and that you have taken time and made the effort to tailor your application accordingly. They figure that if you don’t make the effort when it’s important, you won’t make the effort at work.

This is why a well written cover letter, accompanying a tailored resume or CV can mean the difference between getting the job interview or not.

So make sure your resume or CV is written for the particular job you’re applying for, not for a general job.

Then supplement your resume or CV with a well written cover letter.

A good cover letter should include:

  • A reference to the job you’re applying for (and where you saw it advertised)
  • A summary of your achievements and/or skills and/or experience as they relate directly to the job you’re applying for
  • A request for an interview


  • Be written in a professional but friendly tone
  • Should not exceed 1 side of A4

Here is an example of a good cover letter:

John Smith
2, The Grove

Mrs Jenny Blunt
National Sales Manager
Sales R Us Inc.


Dear Mrs Blunt

I was excited to read about the vacancy you have for a Sales Manager in the Local Herald newspaper today because I’m looking for an opportunity to take on greater challenge.

As an experienced and successful salesperson I am confident that I can make a real difference to your Company’s sales results. Already I’m top of the sales league table with my current employer who has promoted me twice in three years on the basis of my performance.

I would love to meet with you to discuss my suitability further and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

Can you see how appealing this cover letter is to read? John Smith sounds enthusiastic, passionate even. His interest in the job is clear from the first sentence and his achievements stand out. Already he looks like a suitable candidate and you haven’t even read his resume or CV!

Write a good cover letter and sent it with a good resume or CV and you will improve your chances of getting interviewed and getting hired!

There’s more on cover letters here including cover letter samples.

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Click here for some good sample resumes.

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