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Coming To A Corporate Server Near You- Facebook!

December 20th, 2007 · 12 Comments

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Ever since it opened itself up to the non-collegiate world, Facebook’s growth has been exponential. Clearly trying to out-LinkedIn LinkedIn, Facebook now allows professional and even company-specific groups for networking.

But one problem has been preventing Facebook from becoming the dominant professional networking platform: a lot of companies block Facebook.

The majority of corporate firewalls are set to block Facebook for corporate security reasons.

But now a new company has a way around the problem…

WorkLightis soon to release a Facebook application called WorkBook that will satisfy security conscious companies by plugging security holes, while still allowing workers almost full access to Facebook’s networking tools.

When you log into Facebook there is a WorkBook application you install, just like FunWall or SuperPoke or other Facebook applications. It appears in your apps list and when you click on it, you go to an area where you are authenticated through your organization’s identity services

The application is being tested now and won’t go public until Feb. Start bugging your IT department now.

More info: ZDNet 

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