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Breaking The Job Search Rules

September 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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One of the difficult things about giving job search advice (and maybe this relates to giving advice about almost any topic) is that no single piece of advice is right for every person in every situation.

I try to give advice that will be widely applicable to the largest number of people. But every time I come up with some sort of law: “In this case, you should always do such-and-such!” I can immediately think of situations where the advice wouldn’t work.

SavvySugar, via Careerbuilder, has a post up that sums this up pretty well. They have a list of six generally sound job search “rules,” followed by instances where those “rules” should be ignored.

Each “rule” is generally true… but sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

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  • Rob

    I am glad to see that someone included, “Never try to interview with a company that’s not hiring.” I have never figured out why some people suggest that you target a company you’d like to work for that isn’t hiring and try to get hired. Why would a hiring manager even look at you?

  • Scott

    @Rob – If interviewing for a company that is not hiring, could it be for practice interviewing? In that way you are warming up your pitch for a company who IS hiring!

    Also, just because they don’t have an open position now doen’t mean that they won’t in the future! Always keep that door open …