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Bad Idea of the Day: Fake Job References

July 22nd, 2009 · 6 Comments

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bad-ideaI don’t particularly like to “review” or speak ill about other employment services or companies on this blog. If people are genuinely try to help others find new and better work, then god bless I say.

But in this particular case, I think I’ve stumbled across something that is such a bad idea, I feel compelled to talk about it.

The site is called (or, probably better named,… both urls return the same site). What they will do, if you can believe it or not, is sell you fake career references.

How do they do this? For a (seemingly inexpensive) monthly fee they claim they will go to the trouble of setting up a fake company, fake letterhead, fake 800 number… the whole ball of wax. Then when your prospective employer calls to get references, they will of course give you glowing reviews, based on your desired background/expertise level.

Is it legal to do this?I would guess in a strict, grey-area kind of way, it’s probably not illegal. But I guarantee when your employer finds out you lied, they will fire you and they will have cause to do so. And then you’ll have created a definitively bad employer reference for yourself going forward.

The website jumps through hoops to try to convince you that this is on the up and up and a good idea. Believe me, it is not. They have a lengthy but not very legal sounding disclaimer in their terms of service… but you can’t even read to the end of it. The text cuts off before it reaches the end.

And heck, the website looks like it was designed in 1995. If you can’t tell from the weird, shoddy scam-like feeling the website gives you, let me reassure you again: this is a bad idea. Stay away.

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  • worldlymrb

    I did like the Vandalay Video. Brings back memories of simpler times.

  • Franklin

    Good article and advice.

  • gezzy

    it is a scam i paid them $65.00 they said they couldnt do it and they would return my money its been over a month and no money back.

  • Help is Here

    Would you mind giving a review of our efforts at

  • Rebecca Moxley


    The Reference Store sells fake job references to the public. Men and women that face barriers to getting hired may use a reference service to help minimize or even eliminate these barriers. There is no clear profile as to who might use a reference service. Clients range from business professionals to kids right out of school. Both Young and old workers alike are starting to flock to references services to give them an “Edge” on the competition. Some of its clients include:

    1. Business Executives
    2. Stay at home moms.
    3. The Homeless.
    4. Convicted Felons.

    After a client places his / her order, The operations dept. goes to work building fake companies, fake supervisors and a new fake employment history. When prospective employers call for references, they are actually calling The Reference Store.

    The Reference Store acknowledges the ethical questions a service like this raises. However, The Reference Store believes it is serving a greater good. Putting Americans back to work is The Reference Stores main objective. The Reference Store believes everyone deserves a second chance. But honestly, how many employers are really willing to hire a stay-at-home mom, that hasn’t worked in 8 years? The Reference Store opens an alternative route to employment by making its clients more attractive as job candidates.

    Many people that find such a service objectionable… merely want to feel Superior to their less fortunate neighbors. We think… its very sad indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Rebecca, I don’t know how anyone can promote The Reference Store. I totally felt scammed there.. I paid for the service,
    and it took forever to get set up.. Once setup, I never heard from
    anyone again.. my references called and never got anyone.. i called and
    never got anyone.. but they got my money!  After all my frustration, I started looking around for another company even though I had no money to do so! During my search, I found a ton of other
    reviews that The Reference Store scammed this person and that person so I’d stay far away.. I found this other site through
    another comment called ( and they
    were awesome.. always answered the phone.. professional.. prompt
    service.. and followed through like a business should.. Although I don’t
    need them anymore (finally got a job), I’m hoping someone else doesn’t have to incur the hassles and problems The Reference Store gave me and use Fake Your one that actually does what
    they say they’re going to do. Sorry, but it’s the truth.. Tracy