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Ask Brian – Can I Apply Twice For A Job At The Same Company?

December 12th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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G asks:

I went for a job interview for a job about a month ago but yet no news from them and when I called they said some one else has been selected. Then again I applied for a different job in the same company but not in the same field. As the salary was good and the job was interesting. I was wondering that when I go for interview for this job if they ask me about why I applied for another job in the same company what kind of answer should I give.

Afraid of double dipping, eh, George?

Brian answers after the jump.

Brian sayz:

Actually, I have a few suggestions for this one, and none of them are complicated.

  1. In these days, it’s easy to plead the economy. I think they’ll understand that if you find a job you’re excited about and feel you’re qualified for, you’re naturally going to go for it. I’ve often had hiring managers say there’s no such thing as too eager… at least when the job is still open and you’re interested in it. Once they tell you no to your face, that’s another story. But they never told you no, so in this case, I think there’s no harm, no foul.
  2. Tell the interviewer that the reason you’ve applied twice is because you really, really want to work for this company. You can phrase it so that rather than looking desperate, you just look earnest and eager. That can go a long way sometimes. Companies like to know people are interested in them too. And they really want to hire people that are excited about working there.
  3. Just be honest. That can go a long way in most interviews. The interviewer is a person too. And a worker. With a job. They can easily understand things by putting themselves in your shoes. So put them in your shoes. And explain what happened just as you explained it to me.

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  • Gary Capone

    Being hones is great advice. Most professionals have skills in more than one field. The key is showing you can add significant value to the company in the 2nd role. Don’t mention the salary being a big factor in attracting you. If you can show you interest in that field and demonstrate your potential, you should have a shot.


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