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Annual US News Career Guide Is Out

March 21st, 2008 · 3 Comments

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The annual US News (do you still have to say “and World Report”) career guide is out. You can read most of it online here, but I recommend going out and purchasing the issue.

USNews seems to make it’s whole living by doing annual lists. Amongst the lists in this issue: 31 Careers With Bright Futures, The 13 Most Overrated Jobs, and The Best Jobs For 6 Personality Types.

I’ll have some commentary on some of their assertions next week.

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  • John Lacey

    Kind of wonder what is being implied by this..

    ‘do you still have to say “and World Report”’


    From John (in Australia)


  • Brian

    That used to be the full name a while ago. US News and World Report. I guess they dropped the world reporting?

  • Jodith

    Oh, look…administrative assistant isn’t anywhere on the list *laughs*. Not that it’s surprising. For some reason, no one aspires to be an admin.