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An Office That Diets Together…

November 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

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… I dunno… Profits Together?

There’s been an article making its way around the blogs since yesterday. It’s from the New York Post and it’s about the “Co-Worker Diet” which they claim is all the rage in New York.

If I sound dubious, it’s because I’m not sure this is new or news. I mean, the basic premise is, you and your co-workers all go on a diet together. And give each other support. And shame each other to discourage backsliding. I know. It’s not like this is an original idea.

But in typical New York Post fashion, you’d think (based on their interview of one or two diet gurus and a handful of “ordinary” office workers) that this was the hottest fad since beenie babies, hula hoops, pet rocks and the Charleston put together.

The ever-growing collaborative effort to drop pounds has developed a cult following among Manhattan associates.

Well… it probably can’t hurt, so I shouldn’t be skeptical. But tell me, dear readers, have you heard of this? Is the Co-Worker Diet sweeping through your office?

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