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Abandoning Microsoft Word

January 17th, 2008 · 1 Comment

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I’ve written before about the crop of new (very often free) alternatives to Microsoft Office. I think it’s pretty universal that we all have had it up to here with Word and especially Outlook, but what can you do? Your work servers support what they support, and if everyone else in the world uses Office, that pretty much means you have too also.

I have an architect friend who, as shocking as this might seem, is encountering Word for the first time this week. And he’s pissed. Apparently, he did his resume in a program called Quark, and being an architect’s resume, it’s formatted all snazzy with cool graphics and pictures and such. But now he has to reformat his resume in Word format, and not only are all the cool designs out the window (replaced with Word’s dull page design and formatting options) but he can’t make head nor tail of Word’s myriad of menus and confusing options.

So, I thought of him when I saw this on Buzzfeed: Screw Microsoft Word. 10 fun links about people abandoning Word and loving life because of it.

If you’ve got some Word-angst, maybe you should join the movement to send it to the dustbin of history. First, go to your windows… no, your real windows… open them up and say, “I’m mad as hell…”

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  • krw

    why didn’t he just make a pdf from quark? did he have to send a word doc? apple makes a great program too called pages.