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$25 Buys You A Fake Doctor’s Execuse

November 5th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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From the I-wouldn’t-recommend-trying-this-yourself department, it seems there’s a website, (warning, they have a loud, obnoxious voice-over when you load the page… turn your speakers down if at work) that will create fake excuses for any occasion. Doctor notes, jury duty notes, funeral programs… they seem to have a template for everything. For a price, of course. About $25.

Plenty of folks question the legality of this sort of thing, and I certainly can’t imagine your employer would think to highly of you if he/she found you using this service. In fact, according to the AP, one woman was arrested when traffic court checked out her note from a health-care provider. Turns out… no such health-care provider.

We of course cannot endorse using this service, but if you happen to use this to successfully get an afternoon of golf in under your boss’ nose, email us and let us know. And send us a copy of the template.

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