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2 Big Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Facebook

June 18th, 2012 · 1 Comment

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facebook job searchFor years now, job search “experts” like myself have been telling you that Facebook could be harmful to your job search.

But I read two new posts today that are making me think that sort of advice is becoming outdated.

First, over at the Blog, they have the suggestion that instead of fearing that your Facebook posts will scare the hiring manager away, you should turn the tables and use Facebook just like they do: to do research before your interview.

Why Not Use Facebook To Do Research On The Hiring Manager? If you can find out who is going to be interviewing you, then why don’t you do a little research of your own? What if you were able to discover that the hiring manager went to the same college you did? Huge leg up in terms of making a connection during the interview, right? Or what if you saw he/she was a big Oklahoma City Thunder fan? That would sure make for some quick and easy small talk to break the ice wouldn’t it?

Read the whole thing: You Can Use Facebook Just Like Hiring Mangers Do.

Second, there’s a fascinating post at the Forbes Girl Friday blog that suggests hiring managers are getting wise to the situation anyway. They actually want to see that you’ve posted regularly on Facebook. A lack of content count hurt you. What are they looking for?

Wedding pictures? Great. Baby photos? Even better. Photos with friends at parties, beaches and concerts? An absolute must.

“There’s a sense that a profile with no character has probably been scraped of some racy stuff or else the person has no social skills and won’t fit in.” Either way, she says, that candidate has been moved to the bottom of the pile.

Read the whole thing: Social Media And The Job Hunt: Squeaky-Clean Profiles Need Not Apply (h/t Media Jobs Daily).

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