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10 Ways to Assess a Company’s Female-Friendliness

January 23rd, 2008 · Leave A Comment

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To this list (10 Ways To Assess A Company’s Female-Friendliness, from Divine Caroline) I’d add an 11th tip:

11. Identify a Boys Club:

Over the course of your life, you’ve no doubt developed a sixth sense for when you’ve entered an environment where women are usually not welcome or common. If you walk in for the interview and everyone in the office is staring at you like an alien from outer space, it’s probably because this office has never had a female employee before. You’ll have to make the call for yourself: do you want to be the pioneer, or leave the notion of civilizing this boys club to someone else?

Some more of my favorites from the list:

4. Understand the Remote Work Dynamic

Does management actively engage and develop employees that work remotely? Whether male or female, a company that is not able to expand its perspective to employees that are not physically in the office will not likely be the place to offer a progressively flexible lifestyle to fit your needs.

8. Read the Paternity Leave Policy

A company that gives its male employees significant time off for paternity demonstrates that (a) it understands the importance of family (b) it recognizes the need for fathers to share in the responsibilities of early childhood.

(10 Ways To Assess A Company’s Female-Friendliness, from Divine Caroline)

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