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10 Reasons to Hate Cell Phone Carriers

October 31st, 2007 · 2 Comments

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I can’t stand the cell phone carriers. I know, it’s a pet peeve, and I should get over it. But cellphones are such an integral part of our work and our lives (and our worklives) that I’ve come to believe the general assh*lishness of the cell carriers is a major issue we should address more often. From the nightmare maze of their plans, their billing, their annoying commercials, switching carriers, witching from cool names like Cingular to dumb names like AT$T, their locked phones, charging for stupid text messages, $5 FOR FRIGGIN RING TONES!, WHY CAN’T I GET THIS &$@%^& THING TO SYNC WITH MY EMAIL!!!

(breathing deeply) * (see below for update)

Anyway, I’m thinking of starting a new series, or at least a new category. In the meantime, I agree 100% with this post from

* (Update) Oh… and I forgot to mention the little fact that they colluded with the government to illegally spy on us law-abiding US citizens, and then are now likely to receive blanket immunity for doing so because their Capital Hill lobby has more money than God. Oh yeah. And that too.

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  • http://? brianna (bri-onna)

    Cell phones in my opinion, are not really that bad. if you just take a minute or two to think about what we use them for .
    1. Kids in sports use the to let te parents know where they’re at.
    2. EMERGENCIES! if your out in no where, where you going to walk to if your car runs out of gas or your battery dies?? nearest place is probably 4-5 miles down the road. they come in handy .
    3. this kind of blends together with #2 . what happens if you fall and get hurt and cannot get up? *YOU MAY HAVE YOUR CELL PHONE IN YOUR POCKET* use it !

    i really disagree with you .! i think you neeed to sit down and think about your opinion.
    yes, we all are entitled to our own opinions but, as far as im concerned yours, isnt listened to that much . sorry . but thanks (:

    byeeeeeeeeee .