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10 Pros (And 10 Cons) Of Your Coffee Habit

December 17th, 2007 · 2 Comments

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Via productivity weblog DumbLittleMan comes this pretty comprehensive list of The Pros And Cons of Coffee Drinking. Most interesting to me:

Antioxidants. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and melanoidins.

Who knew? And…

# Liver cirrhosis. Coffee drinking may protect against liver cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis.

Now I know why I follow a night of JagerBombs with a morning of Starbucks chasers. I thought it was for the hangover.

One thing… the post ends mentioning that the “moderate” coffee drinker drinks 3-4 cups a day. Is this true? Am I a naive one-cup-a-day drinker? If 3-4 is “moderate” then what is excessive? Tell me readers, what do you think is “average’ coffee consumption…

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  • Rick

    Three sounds about right (I just finished my third of the day, and that’s my average). But I aim to not have any after Noon since it could prevent me from having the most restful night’s sleep possible, which might drive me to have a fourth – or more – the next day. But you need to balance the potential good with the potential harm, especially dehydration during cold winters, which will have you reaching for the skin moisturizing cream.

  • C

    Rick makes a good point…I get 3-4 cups a day too. I am not sure if the dehydration from coffee is what makes lip moisturizer an absolute necessity for me in the winter. I am defintely addicted at this point. It’s worth it though. I quit once for awhile but then I just figured, “what’s the point?”